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Dr. Sheskier is a : Board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in ANKLE, FOOT and KNEE problems, fractures,sprains,sports medicine,general orthopedics and dance medicine.Second opinions on complex problems.


+INSURANCES: United Health,Oxford,Medicare,No fault and Workman's Comp

  Will work with out of network patients Including GHI ;-)


+ offices in Manhattan and New Jersey       [Click for locations)


+ Expertise in surgery of complex foot, ankle and leg ailments. This includes: ankle fractures,sprained ankles ,ankle arthroscopy,knee arthroscopy, tibia fractures, foot fractures , achilles tendon injuries,revision surgery as well as custom orthotics.
+Dr. Sheskier has been performing total ankle replacements for over a decade.


+Clinical professor of orthopedic surgery @ New York University


+Operating  priviledges @ NYU/Hospital for Joint Diseases and the  Jersey City Medical Center 


******NEW****  3D generated orthotics are available ********





It would be an understatement to say that we are living under usually difficult times. The present COVID-19 pandemic and with its daily unpredictable adjustments has lead to many changes in the way we lead our lives. Its effect on my practice and patients has been devastating.


I am presently in Hawaii and planned to return to NYC March 25th to perform surgery and followup care on my patients. Unfortunately, NYU, where I perform the majority of my cases has cancelled all non-emergency surgeries for at least the next few monthls.


*** Those you have surgeries scheduled or contemplated will have to reschedule.As to when the new date will be set,it is indeterminate at present. Hopefully in the next week months.


Follow up appointments ,especially for post-operative care will have priority. My Physician Assistant , Nick Barbelescu, will be seeing patient every Friday  till I am able t o make it back to NYC hopefully in April.


I also understand that many are under home quarantine or or fearful of coming into my Manhattan office. I am making an arrangement to see patient in  follow up using telemedicine techniques either via smartphone or computer. There may be some glitches initially but I remain hopeful as we all must. I apologize for any of the inconvenience.


If you have any emergency you are advised to go to the nearest Emergency Room. If it is an orthopedic emergency you are advised to go to NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital on the corner of E 17th and 2nd AVE , Manhattan To be evaluated at Immediate care between the hours of *am and 10PM  7 days a week. Dr. Kenneth Mroczek  (212) 263-3490) will be specifically covering for me if necessary though I will be available 24/7 via my emergency answering service .




Steven Sheskier, M.D.

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