QUICK APPOINTMENT: BE SEEN WITHIN 1-3 days!  Fall sports activities:If you have: a fracture, new injury or need a second opinion.                                                                ****Just mention website when you call. ****                

+ Board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in ANKLE, FOOT and KNEE problems, sports medicine,general orthopedics and dance medicine.


+INSURANCES: United Health,Oxford,Medicare,No fault and Workman's Comp

  Will work with out of network patients Including GHI ;-)


+ offices in Manhattan and New Jersey       [Click for locations)


+ Expertise in surgery of complex foot, ankle and leg ailments. This includes: ankle fractures,sprained ankles ,ankle arthroscopy,knee arthroscopy, tibia fractures, foot fractures , achilles tendon injuries,revision surgery as well ascustom orthotics.

*PRP (Platelet Rick Plasma or Stem Cell injections can help avoid or delay the need for surgery in many cases.He is active in the developing field  of the biological treatment of joint arthritis and tendon problems including PRP and stem cell therapy . (INFO CLICK)<< 

+Dr. Sheskier has been performing total ankle replacements for over a decade.


+Clinical professor of orthopedic surgery @ New York University


+Operating  priviledges @ NYU/Hospital for Joint Diseases and the  Jersey City Medical Center 


******NEW****  3D generated orthotics are available ********


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